August 8, 2011

Start to Finish - Combo Room

Today is a good day because it officially kicks off my ... BIRTHDAY WEEK!  That's right, I have awarded myself birthday weeks.  My In-laws were a little taken back at this "tradition" when my b-day week rolled around, but they're totally on board now.  They're kind of great like that.

I decided to go ahead and show you the nursery - guest bed combo room.

In true blog fashion, I've included the before pictures.  Because, really, what good is the "after" without the "before"?  {Don't lie, you know you get frustrated when people only show you the "after".}

I know everyone has they're own design style and we're all different, but I honestly have no idea what was going on in this house when the previous owner lived here.  And you might want to get used to that phrase, because I'll probably feel like saying it with every room.

Everything in the house was just too dark and the scale was way off.  {In her defence, she had a traveling job and didn't spend much time at I'm assuming she didn't have much time for decorating.}

Other than repainting everything in this room, including the ceiling fan blades {My name is Jessamie, and I'm a paintaholic}, the only thing we had to do is repair some of the window trim.  Apparently Benji couldn't keep his paws off the trim.  No worries, we know our way around the tool box.

**This is about to be picture overload**

So here is the "Guest Bed" part of the room

And the rest is all for our little Georgia Bean. 

Behind the doorway is a little nook that fit a dresser perfect for extra clothes, blankets, and changing that little booty.  {Sometimes I hate that I didn't start this blog sooner.  We did a lot of DIY projects in this room.}

Oh, hey! {I'm such a dork}
Framed Silhouette available here

This sign was painted by a sweetie that I grew up with.  Now we have real live baby dolls just a few months apart.

This verse was embroidered into her crib sheet and given to us as a gift.  She sleeps on it every single night and I love it.

I thought the "Mom, get out of my room already" look was supposed to come at a much older age...

Yall give me some feed back and let me know if you have questions, want sources, or anything!

Check out the Home Tour tab to view my previous posts.

Wall color: Gray Ghost by Olympic {but we color matched at Sherwin Williams}
Rug: Pottery Barn Teen {no longer available, but Ebay has them sometimes}
Crib skirt: Fabric from Hancock fabrics {no longer avb.}
Crib bumper: Bought thin quilt from TJ Maxx and made sham for crib bumper 
Mobile: Tweet on Etsy
Giraffe painting: My Mom and I
Guest Bed: Great Grandmother's old iron bed
Guest bed shams: Euro & standard shams from TJ Maxx
Guest bed duvet: Ikea
Armorie: Celadon
Yellow & Gray cloth baskets: TJ Maxx


  1. I do love the color scheme - it is fresh and different for a baby's room. The accessories and personalized pieces are adorable!

  2. This room is adorable. Perfect for your little cutie-pie. I love that pic of her! In fact, I think all of your pics are pretty great.

  3. Happy birthday week! :) I love what you've done with the room, it's so airy, fresh and cheerful and I love all the personal touches!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this room! It's so bright and colorful! I love the colors you used!

  5. Cuteness overload...oh and I like the room, too! (c; She is so gorgeous, look at those eyelashes!!! Oh mama, you are in so much trouble in about 14 years...I hope dad is a big man who isn't above threatening teenage boys (c: hehehe! You already know that I'm in love with every square inch of your house...

  6. What a beautiful space!! I love how you have made it multi-purpose.

  7. I found your blog through Aubrey's blog. I LOVE the nursery/guest room. I'm actually thinking of redoing my kids room and I'm inspired with the colors! Did you paint the dresser in there? If so, what color did you use? I have a dresser that I want to paint and I want to paint it that green/blue color! It's so pretty! I love how it could be a boy's room or a girl's room. It's not too girly but you could accent it with pink and viola! It's a girl's room! So so so cute!

  8. I love how neutral the room is but you kicked it up with color - great job! My daughter just turned 1 a few weeks ago, so I've gotten a few of those looks too and wondered if that's supposed to happen so young - HA! They're smart cookies.

  9. I googled guest room nursery combo & your blog popped up. Love your combo room! We are about to do the same with our guest room for baby #2. What color paint did you use on your walls? It is a great neutral.

  10. I googled guest room nursery combo & your blog popped up. Love your combo room! We are about to do the same with our guest room for baby #2. What color paint did you use on your walls? It is a great neutral.

  11. i love this room- the colors are so pretty!

  12. I love this room. I am looking to do something similar in our apt. Where did you get the iron bed and the rug?

  13. Hey everybody, I just added a list of sources to this post. I think I answered all your questions, but if not, let me know and I'll add to it!

  14. Hi Jessamie- Love your taste and all your individual choices. They look great together, too!

  15. Hey there...I saw the armoire on your list, but did you paint it yourself? If so, what color is it? I want to do paint my dresser that color! Its perfect!

  16. love this room - great job on the redo!


  17. Love the bed frame. My in-laws just gave us an old iron frame bed that belonged to his great grandmother in the 1920s that we are going to use in my sewing studio/guest bedroom. We have to sand blast it and then we are painting it black. Seeing yours made me pretty excited! :)


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