January 14, 2013

Color Decisions

Hey you loves!
Thanks so much for all your input on Wednesday! We got the paint colors done and on the walls (mostly) and they look amazing.  I think so, and J thinks so.  That's all that matters, right?!

Here we go!  Ok, so the four choices that were up for discussion on Wednesday were:

Hallway: Urbane Bronze OR Mombasa Mist
Master Bedroom: Some shade of white OR Great Barrington Green
Living Room:  Another white shade OR a deeper shade {and what?}
Kitchen: Dining Room color OR whatever?

We ended up going with Urbane Bronze in the hallway.
I asked them to mix it, then I asked them to add a little more white than the formula called for.  The lady at Lowes really loved me...

Then here she is with my rug!
I couldn't wait 'til we moved.  I had to lay it down and have that instant gratification, ya know?

I don't have a picture of our bedroom (by accident), but we went with Great Barrington Green.
And yes, we love it.  It's so manly, but it's going to be so good to sleep in.

Next up, the living room.
I kind of winged it with this one, but thankfully it tuned out exactly like I hoped it would.  Trust me, this does not happen often, so yes, I am bragging about it this time!
I went with Crisp Linen (I think it's an Allen + Roth Valspar color).

As for the kitchen, we didn't get to it, but we're going to go with the color we have in our dining room now:

I thought about waiting to show you real pictures (not regurgitated ones from Instagram , and drawing it out. Then I decided, why not show you each step as I get it done.
Because really who has the patience to wait around for a final product when that might not happen for a while.

Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE the Urbane Bronze!! Your entry is HUMUNGOUS by the way, and the dark color is just fabulous in there with the wood floors and your gorgeous rug!! How exciting!

  2. I love your colors... and I agree with Lisa, you're hallway is fabulous. I would love a grand entryway/hallway like that!

  3. Love the colors! Can't wait to see more. :)

  4. loving what you're doing here! And I love love love that rug!!!

  5. Looks so great, and I'm really into the Urbane Bronze with your rug!

  6. Oh Lord I am going to go to bed with that woman's face in my head...thanks! The paint looks good and I am so excited to see your final results with the bathroom!

  7. I love your hallway rug. Where did you find it?


Glad you're here! Let me know what ya think.

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