January 9, 2013

Paint Panic

I've waited until the last minute to make decisions on paint colors.
Imagine that.
But I really want to have our walls painted before we move in.  I really want to have time for those fumes to leave before I plant my daughter in one of those rooms.  Plus it's just a pain to move all the furniture out from the wall and cover it...and ask a toddler not to touch.

Anywho. I have to have these colors picked by Friday morning.
I've already decided on G's room and the guest bedroom, but I NEED your help for the rest of the house!

Do you have suggestions or colors you swear by?!
I already have a rug for the entry part of the hallway 
So, I'm thinking
Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams
(the night stand)
Mombasa Mist by Ralph Lauren
OR any color you've used in this family?!

Ok, moving on to the master bedroom.  I can't decide if I want a gray-ish white clean slate, 
{any suggestions on an exact color would be appreciated}
Or if I want to go for it with a color...like an awesome green
Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore.
{I'm actually leaning toward this, but I don't know if it'll be too much with my navy.  We're moving the current navy trellis living room rug to the bedroom.}
Again, or any color in this green family you might have used?

Next up, the living room.
This is the color we have now.  It's a greenish-blue that changes with the light and the time of day.  It was a custom color we made at Sherwin Williams.  We still love it, and I'm using it in the dining room, but I'm not sure I want to use it in the living room.

Here are some living rooms I'm digging on.  They're all either really white or really dark...again, help.
I have two very clear ideas.  But I only have one living room.

Last is the Kitchen.
I want it to blend with the other colors well, but I don't think I want the exact same color.  The dining room is right off the kitchen, which will look like this

And the hallway and living room are through the other door, and well...you have to help me pick those colors, so help a sister out.  What would you put in the middle of all those for the kitchen?

However, I do love-love Jessie's kitchen, and that color is pretty close to the dining room color.  And I think it would go pretty great with the hallway gray.

So...since I need these so quick I'm going to help ya out on what I need.
{You can copy and paste this in the comments if you want.}

Hallway: Urbane Bronze OR Mombasa Mist
Master Bedroom: Some shade of white OR Great Barrington Green
Living Room:  Another white shade OR a deeper shade {and what?}
Kitchen: Dining Room color OR whatever?

Ok, GO!
Seriously, I'm begging for some input right now.
The only things to keep in mind, it is a rental, and I don't want to have to paint the room more than one color.   Once it's up, it's up.  I just can't be bothered to be repaint'n rooms.
Ain't got no time for that.

Thanks in advance for being so awesome!


  1. I am not sure why I am commenting bc I am as indecisive as you! But I did just paint our kitchen white (from a blueish green color) and I LOVE how clean it looks. Just a thought?? I am sure you will end up picking great colors! You like that worthless "help"?!

  2. So we have cathedral gray in our bedroom and it's a dark muddy grey with some green and brown in it so it changes depending on the light or what its paired with.

    Here's the link to the post where I suggested the color

    I'd go with white for the main living room. I'm obsessed with all white rooms with dark fixtures!

  3. Oh my goodness you have some tough decisions. I love the rug for the entry way, the colors are gorgeous! I like Urban Bronze for the entry, it would make a great statement, but it's not too dark. I've really been liking white in bedrooms lately, that you can add lots of color and pattern through pillows and art. Good luck!

  4. so many decisions! We just used SW world gray and amazing gray in our kitchen and living room and love them!

  5. i love the grays! we used zinc by martha stewart on our brick fireplace and i love it! i love the urbane bronze choice! and i love the idea of green in the bedroom and i don't think it is too much with the navy. it would look super cool/preppy bohemian if that makes sense! and as for living room- i say just go white.... i know you want it done but white is so livable and your awesome furniture will shine and you can always change it later.

  6. Hallway - loving the Urbane Bronze with the rug.
    Bedroom - that dark green could be really cool.
    Living room - I'm really digging the white rooms, so I say go white.

    CANNOT WAIT to see what you pick!

  7. I love the green color, but I'm always going to choose color over white, so take that with a grain of salt. I know it will be gorgeous whatever you do!


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