January 7, 2013

So a Bathroom Happened

Thank goodness I had already finished my post about secretary desks on Thursday.  Friday might not have happened otherwise.
So here is the full story.  It might as well happen today, because that's been the main {if not only} issue with this house.  Ready? K.

J went to look at this rental home by himself {I had to work, yada-yada} and fell in love.  Like, he called me and said, "It's perfect. It's PERfect. It's PERFECT!"
Seriously.  Coming from the guy that never really get's "excited" about much, I knew it must be good.
And it is, but when he told me about the one bathroom {which isn't ideal to start with}, he said it was totally doable and would be fine.
I cried.
Actual tears came out of my eyes when I saw the bathroom/laundry room situation.
Trust me, this was not a reaction I was expecting out of myself, and I completely realize how blessed we are to have a bathroom {compared to other parts of the world}, but it just happened, ok?!
I later heard him admit to one of his buddies that it would've been a nice bathroom for a hunting camp.
I didn't know whether to be happy he agreed with me or annoyed he thought this was "perfect".
Anywho, fast forward through a bunch of hemming and hawing and the landlord is paying for a bathroom remodel as long as we provide the labor.

So since it's our only bathroom we have to get it done before we move in...sometime this month.  Oh and did I mention it's almost an hour and a half from where we live now?  But Thursday afternoon about 1:00, my Mom sends me a text:

So yeah.  I had to find a tub and the surrounds, the shower/faucet, vanity top, and sink faucet all in less than 20 hours.  That junk is hard!  But we did it! And I'm just SO blessed that my Dad is a custom home builder. He's incredible!  Not to mention Uncle Jim, too ;) ! And the hubs for chipping in as well.  Seriously, I have some great guys in my life.

This is the bathroom originally.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  It really doesn't look bad.  And I completely agree.  But the details that bother me are the ones you can't really see in the picture.
Other than the double shower heads...you can see that.  And I know that's sometimes only in luxurious bathrooms, but that's not the case.

Here is the vanity.  The base is definitely workable, but we're replacing the top and the faucet.
And see the laundry in there?  The floor is pretty slanted, so that will end up being fixed as well.

But I'm really REALLY excited to get to make this bathroom ours!  Am I going to do everything just how I would want it? No.  But this will give us a great, new, clean slate to work with and that's all a girl can ask for in a rental home, right?!

I still need to decide on some colors besides white because it's right off the living room.  As in, you see it right when you walk in the living room.
{And yep, I'm aware that our living room looks like a pool hall with maroon plywood floors.  I've already got that sorted out too!}
I'm sure my Mom would like me to note that she was taking measurements, not using the bathroom.

And then again when you'll be sitting down in the living room.

I'm pretty sure the vanity base color, but not the walls...oddly enough.  I feel like that might be backwards, but oh well.  Lots and lots of progress was made this weekend.



  1. Oh yeah, I just love it when the man in my life leaves out details :/ How cool to have such a handy dad helping you guys out!

  2. This really made me laugh. I have a feeling our husband wife dynamic is very similar!

  3. What an exciting new opportunity for you! I'm sure it'll be a great home for the two of you after your renos! Can't wait to see!

  4. that's aweome you're getting a new bathroom and so quickly too! cantw ait to see how it turns out!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. How exciting about the new pad and new bathroom!! I know you will make it beautiful Jessamie!

  6. So awesome to have such a custom builder for a dad! Can't wait to see what you do!


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