March 27, 2013

The Everlasting Hallway

I feel like there are three things I've talked about on the blog this year:
The bathroom reno.
The biggest hallway in the southeast. {I'm kind of dramatic sometimes.}

So, instead of giving you a new topic today, I'm going to talk, yet again, about our glorious hallway!  Do you love me yet?  I hope so, or you're probably moving your mouse to click out of here.

So this is what we started with:
{looking in the front door}

{looking at the front door}

The honey mustard and ketchup walls are now extinct in this home and they now have the Urbane Bronze we debated over.
Yes, it's a pretty crappy picture taken on my phone, but it's so good in real life.
{I would go take a picture right now, but it's dark and I'm pretty sure it would be no better now that this one.}

I've been on the hunt for collected old art, console table that's a bagillion feet long, etc.  And the main thing J wants is something to cover the windows.  So let's add that to the list.  We talked about shades or blinds, but I just don't like the idea of having to cover those windows all the time, or drilling into anymore trim than we have to in a rental.

Then I remembered a picture I saw in ?Southern Living? recently that I loved and they had curtains in the entry...

J's on board, I'm on board, now we just have to find something we like...
Way easier said than done, people.

I'm actually embarassed to tell you how many different fabrics I've almost ordered and how many different directions I went.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a few, most recent was this one.
Richloom Whippoorwill Sepia
I do still really like it.  Maybe it'll end up a pillow...or a chair seat...who knows, but I'm keeping this baby in my brain.

I thought about getting some of those trusty Ikea curtains that everybody and their momma loves {me included} and dying them emerald green, like so

I am aware those are super nice curtain, but I'm pretty sure I could've gotten the look.

But this past weekend, while in the fabric store {AKA: what my daughter thinks is a toy store} I stopped dead in my tracks when I ran into this beauty.

It's gorge, folks.  I'm telling ya, it's some big 'ol blooms, with some big 'ol attitude and I'm obsessed.  Thank goodness for Mom and her sewing machine!


  1. I'm loving the fabric so much! What are your layout plans for this grand's to die for. I love the fabric for the curtains!

  2. Jessamie I am in love with the Urbane Bronze color in the first place, but in a grand foyer like that? Wowza - especially with the wood floor and white trim! What a fun space to decorate. Hope you're settling in to your new home.

  3. it's going to be amazing.... i love that hallway already! so much character!

  4. That hallway is ginormous! That will be a fun one to decorate. Love both fabrics.


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