April 16, 2013

Finally, Some "After" Pics

That title might be a tad misleading, but this is where we're at with the room.  
We used everything we already had for the big stuff, but used the wall color Great Barrington Green.  It's a Benjamin Moore color, but I got it color matched to Lowes Olympic.  We love it.  It's kind of the perfect combination for us.  It makes the room moody, but it also gives the room a totally new look.

We still have some picture to hang, hence the frames leaning against the night stand.

The part above the bed is kind of leaving me...wanting more. I don't even think that's what I'm feeling.  It's just weird.  I want to cover up that stupid door so bad, but I don't want the wall to feel crazy above our bed.  So here's the layout I'm thinking.  Just move this layout right above my bed, and that's what's in my head.

Hopefully that'll get done this week...hopefully. 
But so far, this is where we are, and we're seriously loving it.

On a real note, we're praying hard in this house for the city of Boston, the families of the victims, and all the law enforcement and first responders.  It's a terrible thing when people can't enjoy time with their family and make memories without the fear of tragedy.

Love to all,


  1. love the bedding, of course, and it looks great paired with the green!

  2. I'm really loving the rug! It's all looking great!

  3. So excited to see some afters! I have ben wondering about your abode!

  4. Looking great. I love the rug. I have something similar.

  5. It looks lovely, Jessamie! I'm so in love with that blue coverlet - gorgeous.

  6. Looking great already! Why don't you paint that door the same color as your walls to make is "disappear"... costs less than construction :)


Glad you're here! Let me know what ya think.

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