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"Hey! Thanks for your input on the magazine rack!  I've been meaning to ask you... have you ever refinished a tabletop? I painted our table and chairs an antique white back in the fall, but intentionally didn't poly it so that I could easily change it if need be. I'm stripping the tabletop next weekend and staining ...it (just the top... the pedestal, lip, and chairs will remain antique white). Would you use polycrylic or something else for the top of a dinner table? I've read about different waxes and such...but wanted your opinion. Thanks girl!

ok, I did a little research, because honestly, I haven't stained anything that gets the amount of traffic a kitchen table does. I've stained our t.v. stand, but i know it's not the same thing. I would have probably told you to get a minwax stain then use a minwax poly wipe-on. But there is a blog i LOVE and she does a lot of staining and has recently used the minwax gel stain and she LOVED it! So here is the link. I really hope this helps. I really do want to stain more stuff, but everything i get i just want to paint!!! please let me know how it turns out and i'll feature you on another 'friday finds'! maybe a little guest post! take pictures!

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