April 16, 2013

Finally, Some "After" Pics

That title might be a tad misleading, but this is where we're at with the room.  
We used everything we already had for the big stuff, but used the wall color Great Barrington Green.  It's a Benjamin Moore color, but I got it color matched to Lowes Olympic.  We love it.  It's kind of the perfect combination for us.  It makes the room moody, but it also gives the room a totally new look.

We still have some picture to hang, hence the frames leaning against the night stand.

The part above the bed is kind of leaving me...wanting more. I don't even think that's what I'm feeling.  It's just weird.  I want to cover up that stupid door so bad, but I don't want the wall to feel crazy above our bed.  So here's the layout I'm thinking.  Just move this layout right above my bed, and that's what's in my head.

Hopefully that'll get done this week...hopefully. 
But so far, this is where we are, and we're seriously loving it.

On a real note, we're praying hard in this house for the city of Boston, the families of the victims, and all the law enforcement and first responders.  It's a terrible thing when people can't enjoy time with their family and make memories without the fear of tragedy.

Love to all,

March 27, 2013

The Everlasting Hallway

I feel like there are three things I've talked about on the blog this year:
The bathroom reno.
The biggest hallway in the southeast. {I'm kind of dramatic sometimes.}

So, instead of giving you a new topic today, I'm going to talk, yet again, about our glorious hallway!  Do you love me yet?  I hope so, or you're probably moving your mouse to click out of here.

So this is what we started with:
{looking in the front door}

{looking at the front door}

The honey mustard and ketchup walls are now extinct in this home and they now have the Urbane Bronze we debated over.
Yes, it's a pretty crappy picture taken on my phone, but it's so good in real life.
{I would go take a picture right now, but it's dark and I'm pretty sure it would be no better now that this one.}

I've been on the hunt for collected old art, console table that's a bagillion feet long, etc.  And the main thing J wants is something to cover the windows.  So let's add that to the list.  We talked about shades or blinds, but I just don't like the idea of having to cover those windows all the time, or drilling into anymore trim than we have to in a rental.

Then I remembered a picture I saw in ?Southern Living? recently that I loved and they had curtains in the entry...

J's on board, I'm on board, now we just have to find something we like...
Way easier said than done, people.

I'm actually embarassed to tell you how many different fabrics I've almost ordered and how many different directions I went.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a few, most recent was this one.
Richloom Whippoorwill Sepia
I do still really like it.  Maybe it'll end up a pillow...or a chair seat...who knows, but I'm keeping this baby in my brain.

I thought about getting some of those trusty Ikea curtains that everybody and their momma loves {me included} and dying them emerald green, like so

I am aware those are super nice curtain, but I'm pretty sure I could've gotten the look.

But this past weekend, while in the fabric store {AKA: what my daughter thinks is a toy store} I stopped dead in my tracks when I ran into this beauty.

It's gorge, folks.  I'm telling ya, it's some big 'ol blooms, with some big 'ol attitude and I'm obsessed.  Thank goodness for Mom and her sewing machine!

March 20, 2013

My Moving Train

Well hi.
So, it's been a while, huh!?

Ya know when everything is moving so fast, and you don't know how to fit in one more thing without losing it?
Yeah, that's been me the past 2 months...wow, it's been 2 months!
So this blog and the whole big blog world have felt like a fast paced moving train that I just can't find the right time to jump on.
Hopefully me just sitting down to write this post was all I needed to get back into it.  I've missed this little place like crazy and I really want to start back.  Maybe not 5 days a week, but I'm going to shoot for 3...or 2.  Just don't hold me to it.  I want to be more about substance and what's going on in our home and in the B&B Shop.
I know we all love the pretty-pretty pictures, but that's what Pinterest is for, right?!

I can't wait to share our new home with yall!  It already feels like home and we don't even really have any pictures hung, rooms full, or windows covered, but we're getting there.

I've been posting snippets on Instagram, but I'm going to get some real-deal pictures of this place soon!

We've been having a lot of fun out here in the country, and just enjoying all our new found family time.
So far so very good, folks!

Much love to ya all!
 And thanks so much for stick'n around!

January 15, 2013

New Homestead: Bathroom Progress

While we were painting this weekend, my Dad and brother were hard working on the bathroom.  These are some progress pictures.  I forgot to take one of the ceiling now that they fixed it as well, but you get the idea.  Just to remind you what we're working with and where we want to end up, here's a list of everything we wanted to get done from the beginning:

{1} Remove the shower & door and install a shower/tub unit.
{2} Remove the extra shower head (weird).
{3} Replace linoleum flooring since it's bad anyway, with tile.
{4} Replace toilet seat.
{5} Remove towel bar and possibly replace with ring? or just new towel bar.
{6} Try to salvage and paint existing mirror.  We're not sure this is going to work, but want to try first.
{7} Replace yellowed vanity top and budget faucet.
{8} Paint vanity and possibly replace hardware.

Not shown:
{9} Cover ceiling with bead-board.

I know a few of you are going to love the wide planked green ceiling, but I need you to trust me here.  This bathroom used to be a porch, so the ceiling is not exactly...."energy efficient".  To put it nicely, there are cracks between the slats and a bunch of cob webs, and I just can't be have'n that. mK?

This is the "before":

And this is the "in progress".
This is a HUGE improvement from where we started. 

When we decide what color we're painting the bathroom the tongue and grove will be painted the same color.  We're going to leave the beam exposed, and the ceiling will be white, exciting I know.

No, I wasn't drinking when I took this picture, the wall is just slanted.  Remember this bathroom started off as a porch, so there were quite a few corrections to be made on a budget.

It's light, and white, and it gives us a new clean slate.

Again, the "before":

And the "in progress":

New white vanity with a new polished chrome faucet. Love!

The tile guys are coming on Friday, and hopefully I'll be painting the vanity on Saturday afternoon! {fingers crossed on this one, I really don't know how long it's going to take.}

Here is the direction we {I} hope to start heading once the tile is done.

I'm not getting dark tile, but I am going to paint the vanity Urbane Bronze, so it will have this feel in the room.

For the shelves to the right of the tub, I want to do something pretty and inviting.

Love this for towels against the wall to the left of the shower.

Rug & dark vanity

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

January 14, 2013

Color Decisions

Hey you loves!
Thanks so much for all your input on Wednesday! We got the paint colors done and on the walls (mostly) and they look amazing.  I think so, and J thinks so.  That's all that matters, right?!

Here we go!  Ok, so the four choices that were up for discussion on Wednesday were:

Hallway: Urbane Bronze OR Mombasa Mist
Master Bedroom: Some shade of white OR Great Barrington Green
Living Room:  Another white shade OR a deeper shade {and what?}
Kitchen: Dining Room color OR whatever?

We ended up going with Urbane Bronze in the hallway.
I asked them to mix it, then I asked them to add a little more white than the formula called for.  The lady at Lowes really loved me...

Then here she is with my rug!
I couldn't wait 'til we moved.  I had to lay it down and have that instant gratification, ya know?

I don't have a picture of our bedroom (by accident), but we went with Great Barrington Green.
And yes, we love it.  It's so manly, but it's going to be so good to sleep in.

Next up, the living room.
I kind of winged it with this one, but thankfully it tuned out exactly like I hoped it would.  Trust me, this does not happen often, so yes, I am bragging about it this time!
I went with Crisp Linen (I think it's an Allen + Roth Valspar color).

As for the kitchen, we didn't get to it, but we're going to go with the color we have in our dining room now:

I thought about waiting to show you real pictures (not regurgitated ones from Instagram , and drawing it out. Then I decided, why not show you each step as I get it done.
Because really who has the patience to wait around for a final product when that might not happen for a while.

Happy Monday!

January 9, 2013

Paint Panic

I've waited until the last minute to make decisions on paint colors.
Imagine that.
But I really want to have our walls painted before we move in.  I really want to have time for those fumes to leave before I plant my daughter in one of those rooms.  Plus it's just a pain to move all the furniture out from the wall and cover it...and ask a toddler not to touch.

Anywho. I have to have these colors picked by Friday morning.
I've already decided on G's room and the guest bedroom, but I NEED your help for the rest of the house!

Do you have suggestions or colors you swear by?!
I already have a rug for the entry part of the hallway 
So, I'm thinking
Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams
(the night stand)
Mombasa Mist by Ralph Lauren
OR any color you've used in this family?!

Ok, moving on to the master bedroom.  I can't decide if I want a gray-ish white clean slate, 
{any suggestions on an exact color would be appreciated}
Or if I want to go for it with a color...like an awesome green
Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore.
{I'm actually leaning toward this, but I don't know if it'll be too much with my navy.  We're moving the current navy trellis living room rug to the bedroom.}
Again, or any color in this green family you might have used?

Next up, the living room.
This is the color we have now.  It's a greenish-blue that changes with the light and the time of day.  It was a custom color we made at Sherwin Williams.  We still love it, and I'm using it in the dining room, but I'm not sure I want to use it in the living room.

Here are some living rooms I'm digging on.  They're all either really white or really dark...again, help.
I have two very clear ideas.  But I only have one living room.

Last is the Kitchen.
I want it to blend with the other colors well, but I don't think I want the exact same color.  The dining room is right off the kitchen, which will look like this

And the hallway and living room are through the other door, and well...you have to help me pick those colors, so help a sister out.  What would you put in the middle of all those for the kitchen?

However, I do love-love Jessie's kitchen, and that color is pretty close to the dining room color.  And I think it would go pretty great with the hallway gray.

So...since I need these so quick I'm going to help ya out on what I need.
{You can copy and paste this in the comments if you want.}

Hallway: Urbane Bronze OR Mombasa Mist
Master Bedroom: Some shade of white OR Great Barrington Green
Living Room:  Another white shade OR a deeper shade {and what?}
Kitchen: Dining Room color OR whatever?

Ok, GO!
Seriously, I'm begging for some input right now.
The only things to keep in mind, it is a rental, and I don't want to have to paint the room more than one color.   Once it's up, it's up.  I just can't be bothered to be repaint'n rooms.
Ain't got no time for that.

Thanks in advance for being so awesome!

January 8, 2013

In All Her Glory

Hi all!  Hope yall are having a good Tuesday.
Hey, thanks for listening to my little bathroom story yesterday.  Things are definitely moving in the right direction.  I'll give you a whole post on our plans & the inspiration soon.  Here is the only picture from the work this past weekend.
Hey. It's bright white. It's new. It's clean.
Best of all it's aesthetically pleasing.
Check. check. check. AND check!

But there will be more from this weekend.  As in, there will be paint swatches on the walls (hopefully in every room) and hopefully everything in the bathroom (besides the paint and flooring) will be done.
Fingers crossed and champagne waiting!
In the mean time, here's the beauty and all her glory!
Don't you just love these before pictures?
Rainy, winter day, when everything is dead and dreary.  But I really do totally love this house.

That side fence over there...
I have plans for chickens.
J has plans for a pig.
I'll let you know the verdict.......
{PRAY for chickens}

And now I would like to welcome you to the widest, most bestest hallway in my life time. {slight exaggeration, but I flip'n love it.}
My Dad could park his extended cab GMC Diesel truck in the hallway and still have room at the front and back.  
That is not an exaggeration.
I can't wait to get all my thoughts together for this space.
This is what I want the secretary desk for, FYI.

View from the front door in.

View from the back door of the front door.  It looks short in this picture, but it's definitely not.

G already loves it and made it her personal race track.  I can't wait to be here and hear her playing & giggling in this hallway.
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